Voice Talent & Actress


Known for her versatility behind the mic and on the stage, Stephanie has played a broad range of characters & has been heard on a wide range of commercial campaigns.

Stephanie has always been one of those actresses who can disappear inside a role. She has been drawn to roles that resist type, and delve deep into the human experience. So, it's not entirely surprising that she has had her biggest success "disappearing" into the world of commercial voice overs. Using her versatility and range, behind the microphone has been a satisfying and sustaining venture. Stephanie loves working with other creative people & bringing her creativity to play, whether on the stage, in front of the camera, or most often, behind the mic.

What colleagues have to say about Stephanie...

"Stephanie is not only an extraordinary talent - she has an integrity and a work ethic that is largely unmatched in today's take-what-you-can-get world. She is truly one of the good ones, and I look forward to my chance to work with her again."
- Peter Paige, acclaimed actor/writer/director & executive producer of ABC Family's The Fosters

"Working with Steph is like winning the lottery of voiceovers. She's a genuine professional, fully in charge of her craft and an absolute pleasure to spend hours with in the studio. Only good things happens when Steph's on your team."
- Alison Howlett, executive producer

"I have worked with Stephanie for over fifteen years now both as an actor and as a producer. In both roles, she is a consummate professional who inspires those around her to be better, to work harder, and to create wildly. She has been the driving force behind many successful theatrical productions in New York. Steph is the kind of artist one hopes to work with at least once in their career. I'm fortunate enough to have done it many times."
- Rachel Jackson, actor/writer/producer & co-founder of Crooked Neck Productions

"Whether as an actor, producer, parent, writer, or advocate--Stephanie always brings her whole heart, giant talent, keen insight, and infectious enthusiasm. As her colleague, I am constantly inspired."
- Kaili Vernoff, esteemed actor